Car Air Conditioning Services

No one wants to be sweaty and uncomfortable while driving or on a long journey, and your air conditioning plays a big part in keeping everyone cool. At QuickOil, our mechanics are experts in dealing with your air conditioning system by checking for interior climate control issues and other faults that may be disrupting your journey. We’re also experts in air conditioning evacuation and recharging.


We help you keep your cool

The purpose of a vehicle’s air conditioning unit is to ensure the air entering your vehicle is cool and refreshing for the driver and any passengers. This is done through three main parts; the compressor, condenser and evaporator.


Calm, cool and conditioned

We have a thorough process for checking air conditioner units in a vehicle. This begins with a discussion with you to find out what the situation is before our technicians visually inspect all accessible components, such as the drive belt and serpentine belt, for cracks, leaks or other damage. That is followed by checking the condition of the compressor. If no damage or faults are found, QuickOil mechanics evacuate the refrigerant from the system, vacuum test it and recharge the whole system using appropriate products for your vehicle and manufacturer.

We do not recommend servicing air conditioning systems that are damaged or have confirmed leaks, as our service is designed for regular maintenance rather than repairs. We can always recommend the next steps to get your air conditioning up and running again, but with scheduled maintenance, we can identify potential problems early, which saves you time and money as well as keeping everyone in the vehicle cool and comfortable.