Tyre puncture repair

Quickoil technicians will offer tyre puncture repairs as the more economical option to buy brand new one, given our technicians have checked and determined repair can solve the problem.

Tyre replacement

Quickoil technicians will give you professional suggestion on tyre replacement which is suitable for your car.
Quickoil will provide varied, high quality and economical tyre choices through its direct channel from tyre wholesales to its end users.

Wheel and tyre balancing service

Even a tiny difference in balance can create vibration during ride period that tyres are turning hundreds of times per minute.
Quickoil technicians will balance wheel and tyre effectively to provide you a more comfortable and safer ride condition.

Wheel alignment

Quickoil technicians will measure and adjust the steering system within car manufacturer’s specifications.
Avoid your car suffering tyre wear, and pulling steering wheel caused by incorrect wheel alignment.